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Eva Núñez

Cosmetology & Patient care

Susana Mateos


Having a stunning look doesn't just depend on your eyes. Other elements of the face intervene in getting you to have a penetrating, striking or interesting look. The eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows are the main responsible for making your look unique.

In recent times, the eyebrows have regained great importance in the aesthetics and personal care sector because it has been shown that by changing their design and improving their appearance, we can greatly improve the overall look of our eyes.

In our professional eyebrow design service, we will value your physiognomy and we will propose the best design according to your features.


When we talk about an eyebrow design carried out by professionals, we mean that an expert beautician will assess your features, facial oval, expressions and the state of your natural eyebrows, thus being able to determine what type of eyebrow is the most suitable for your face: the shape of the arch, length, thickness, density, etc.

We will not only pluck your eyebrows but we will give them the ideal shape to get the most out of you, highlighting your eyes and achieving a much more attractive look.


The truth is that, when we start to wax, we make the mistake of trying to modify the natural shape of our eyebrows and, therefore, the result is somewhat strange: very thin eyebrows for our face, too uneven, with an arch that is not fits our expression ...

The best eyebrows for you are the ones you have naturally but, yes, giving them the ideal arch that will enhance your beauty and eliminating hair that can affect our expressions.

In our eyebrow design service we will try to find the natural shape of yours in order to recover your essence and enhance it so that it looks in the best possible way.


If you decide to come to Clínica Áureo to design your eyebrows, you will like to know what we do during this treatment. Here we tell you, step by step, what this treatment consists of:

1. We analyze your own characteristics in order to determine which design suits you the most.

2. We will cut the "tips" of the eyebrows (only if they are too long) to be able to comb and tame them easily.

3. We will epilate the hair from the roots to avoid that they can break and remain dirty spaces, or in some, we will carry out the definitive electric hair removal. We do these procedures with great care so that you do not feel pain and, above all, the result is satisfactory.

4. We will recommend the periodicity with which you have to come to do the maintenance of your eyebrow design and, if it is the case, techniques that can help you get more bushy eyebrows or how to control the curl of your eyebrows if they are very rebellious .

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