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Facial skin is one of the most sensitive areas we have on our body. It is formed by three layers: the subcutaneous tissue, the dermis and the epidermis. The cells are flaking off as they advance in their life cycle, which lasts approximately 3 weeks, from birth to death. This layer of dead cells in the epidermis, if excessive, gives our skin a dull, matte appearance. Pollution and the remains of make-up or creams that we apply are another element that makes our skin dirty.

A skin cleansing session will help you oxygenate and hydrate your skin better. In addition, the procedures performed for massages and exfoliations can prevent the sagging of the contour of the facial oval and improve any type of treatment later. In short, facial hygiene is essential to make it look beautiful and bright.


The recommended frequency of cleanings will depend, above all, on the quality of the patient's skin, depending on whether it is oily or dry skin. In any case, it will be the specialist cosmetology technician who will determine the frequency required for the hygienics according to the response of the skin to the treatment.

In the case of oily skin is necessary a deeper cleaning, for its excessive secretion and the frequency of large pores that are more likely to capture environmental dirt, so it is recommended a monthly facial hygiene in addition to a complementary treatment to balance the skin, reducing the levels of oil and avoiding the widening of pores.

As for dry skin, it dehydrates easily because it lacks sufficient water and oil. It is important to remember that, although they are easier to maintain, they are more sensitive and it is important to keep them cared for. A bimonthly facial hygiene is highly recommended to help increase the effectiveness of hydration treatments.


  • ·Subcutaneous tissues: they contribute to stretch the fibers of the connective tissue.

  • ·Circulatory system: Depending on the moves that are practiced, an activation of the circulation or a local relief is achieved. During the massage there is a stimulation of the tissue that increases the intensity of blood and lymphatic circulation.

  • ·Muscular system: it controls effectively the muscular atony by returning the muscular fibers to their contractibility. This prevents or improves, if any, the crumbling of the contour of the oval face, acquiring the firmness that gives it a younger look.

  • ·Nervous system: It can be soothing or stimulating depending on the moves. These act by reflex to the central and peripheral nervous system.



Cleaning facial skin in the morning, when we wake up, eliminates from our skin the impurities and toxins released during sleep as well as the excess of oil that accumulates during sleep. We must use products that are suitable for our skin and that respect the skin barrier.

Depending on the type of skin, we will use a tonic prior to the cream, more suitable for oily skin to reduce the lipid barrier (sebum) and allow the active ingredient of the cream to access the skin directly.

The daily cream must be totally adequate to our needs and guided by a specialist. Finally, we will use a sun protection factor before going outside.


Removing make-up is also a hygiene routine that should be carried out at least once a day, before going to bed. It will allow us to have a less tired and brighter face, without irritating the skin and keeping it protected.

Afterwards we must clean our skin again, even those people who do not use makeup. Skin flaking, sebaceous secretion, pollution and bacteria that accumulate during the day dirty our pores and can even cause acne outbreaks or harm the skin.

Next it is time to apply an eye contour for those who need to care for or repair this area of the face, always using hypoallergenic and non-irritating products so as not to damage this very sensitive area.

There will be people who, depending on their skin, do not need any more care of their face and they simply need to sleep with a clean skin to breathe or rest. Those who are going to use a night cream, should ensure that it is appropriate for their needs. Usually, this is the moment to use the most powerful and effective acids because of their anti-aging effect.

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