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Tired of having dark circles?

What a tired face! Is it something you are told frequently? However, you are not tired, or at least no more than usual, so in the end you conclude that what you are seeing is not your tired face but your dark circles. Yes, dark circles give a look of exhaustion, a bad face, of not feeling well or of not having slept enough. Ask yourself if you should try to remedy it and have a look that matches your true mood.

Types and diagnosis of dark circles

It is important to bear in mind that not all dark circles under the eyes are the same, and to determine the type of dark circles under the eyes and the most suitable treatment, it is essential to carry out a good diagnosis and assess very carefully any retention problems that may exist in that area to ensure that we are by no means going to make them worse. The different types of dark circles under the eyes include:


These are usually caused by an increase in melanin, which produces a slight change in colour. Among the most common reasons for pigmented dark circles are hereditary or atopic dermatitis. In this case, chemical peels or lasers give very good results.


The skin under the eyes is very thin, so small blood vessels may be visible or transparent, and this is more common in fair-skinned people. In this case, if there is no bag, carboxytherapy or IPL laser treatment usually works very well.


When they cause a very marked furrow under the lower eyelid due to accelerated ageing or decreased fat in the area. In addition, in these cases, the area usually looks dark, so hyaluronic acid filler, which is a very versatile treatment, will solve the problem of volume and colouring.

Removal of dark circles with Hyaluronic Acid

Undoubtedly, the filling of dark circles under the eyes with hyaluronic acid is one of the most requested treatments by our aesthetic medicine patients, because it restores a more natural and healthy appearance to the area. Hyaluronic acid for dark circles under the eyes allows us to:

1. Replenish lost volume, filling in the under-eye circles to even out and project the area when we have a very marked depression.

2. Deeply moisturise the area thanks to the product's water-absorbing properties and the production of collagen and elastin that it causes.

3. Improve the colouring of the area thanks to the separation caused by the hyaluronic acid infiltrated between the thin skin of the dark circles and the blood vessels and tissues underneath.

Procedure for dark circles with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid treatment for dark circles under the eyes is very simple. It is carried out in the consultation room in a very short time and is usually very well tolerated by our patients although, if necessary, we can apply an anaesthetic cream to reduce the slight discomfort that may be caused by its application. At Clínica Áureo, the infiltration is performed with micro-cannulae that help us to reduce the subsequent inflammation that it usually causes and, once performed, we apply a gentle massage to the area to distribute the deposited product well.

Once the treatment is finished, the patient can immediately return to normal life, although for the next few hours they should not expose themselves to high temperatures (saunas, UVA rays, beach or swimming pool) or perform other treatments in the area such as radiofrequency, massages, etc.

It is normal for inflammation or discomfort to occur in the treated area, which will disappear in a short time. Also, in some cases, it may produce a small haematoma, which will also disappear after a short time and can be concealed with make-up or creams such as Thrombocid.

Duration of the effects

The effects of the treatment of dark circles under the eyes with hyaluronic acid filler last between 6 and 12 months, which will vary depending on the characteristics of each patient. Hyaluronic acid is a totally reabsorbable and biocompatible active ingredient, which means that, over time, it is progressively reabsorbed, leaving the area as it was before the treatment. When the problem starts to reappear, small touch-ups can be made to maintain the effect.

You already know, ask why your dark circles may have a solution and you can finally get rid of them, the face of permanent tiredness could be over!

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