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Who doesn't want pretty, succulent lips?

Lips are one of the parts in the face that stand out the most and, therefore, that catch the most attention. Also, they are associated with beauty, youth, health, etc. In other words, having harmonious lips works as a wonderful introductory letter for any face.

What can we do if we want to improve the appearance and the size of our lips?

The aesthetics of our lips (shape, size and hydration) is genetically defined, but they can change their physiognomy over time by stunting and losing lip hydration. Also, factors such as dental growth, aggressive orthodontics, the repeated appearance of herpes labialis and similar diseases can affect and modify the anatomic shape of the lips. In Clínica Áureo we think it’s absolutely necessary to do a good medical diagnosis because not all lips are good to treat. We must particularly value their anatomy, but also other factors, which may influence the result of the treatment.

Lip treatment

If we are going to end up treating you, we are going to use hyaluronic acid, which is the most studied marketed filler regarding safety and duration. In aesthetic medicine, what is the most important is to manage a natural result, in such a way that it looks like the patient has always had those lips and not had them done. For this, it is very important to start with tiny quantities of hyaluronic acid and complete many sessions (between 2 and 3), according to how the product settles in the lip tissue. Sessions at Clínica Áureo last about 30 minutes, and they are done with local anesthesia to make the patient more comfortable. The duration of the result is influenced by different factors, but we can expect for it to be done after 12 months.

Lip post-treatment

We must consider that it is possible that the lips get swollen, 2 or 3 days after the treatment, which varies with each person and, sometimes, it may also cause a small bruise that can be easily disguised with makeup. In general, even when swollen, the image of the patient doesn’t get altered much in their daily life.

Our results

Cases of lip augmentation and lip remodeling.

Who will assist you:

Dra. Cristina Núñez

Director / Aesthetic Medicine

Dra. Elisa Urbina

Aesthetic doctor

Dra. Ana Llull