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What is a night guard?

A night guard is a type of dental splint. It is a piece made of resin that is designed to fit the jaw of each patient and it is placed on the upper or lower dental arch.

What is our Splint night guard for?

Night guards are some of the most used, most effective treatments for bruxism and for alleviating the symptoms of some problems in the termporomandibular joint. Putting the Splint night guard between the dental arches of the patients avoids dental erosion caused by the mechanical friction between the upper and lower arches.

The objective of a night guard is to relieve the force produced by involuntarily biting, and to relieve the accumulated stress in the jaw, particularly when sleeping. When this is done, dental erosion is avoided, as well as erosion of the temporomandibular joint and all the muscles around it.

Benefits of the Splint night guard

• It is one of the most effective treatments for bruxism and all the symptoms it causes.

• From the moment you start using the night guard, symptoms generated by bruxism and temporomandibular problems, such as headaches and muscle pain caused by the stress, are reduced. It also avoids dental erosion.

• The Splint night guards that we offer at Clínica Áureo, are known by their comfort since they are completely custom-made and will perfectly fit in the mouth of the patient.

Recommendations by the Spanish Orthodontic Society

The Spanish Orthodontic Society has warned, several times, about the risks that night guards sold on the internet involve. Since in order for them to work, it is a must that they are overseen by an odontologist or an orthodontist, particularly regarding their design and adjustments that must be done periodically.

Night guards must always be prescribed by a dentist and they must fit the anatomy of the patient, following the instructions given by the specialist. Only the odontologist, or the orthodontist, can make a correct diagnostic, designing and making them in a customised manner, and taking into consideration the denture of each patient. So, it is a must for the dentist to take the measures of the patient and send them to a denture laboratory with the appropriate instructions to make the cast.

Dental discharge Splint

Is a rigid night guard, designed via a digital flow and made with materials free from toxic components.

• Resistant, comfortable and precise.

• Free from monomers.

• Great resistance and flexibility.

• Exclusive resin by Phibo®.

• Less working time.

• Excellent fit.

Four colours to choose from:

• Clear (Transparent): For “gentle” patients who sleep below white sheets.

  • Pink: For “sweetie” patients who dream about flying in cotton wool.

  • Blue: For “sea lover” patients, who dream about sailing the seven seas.

  • Aqua: For “mystical” patients who dream about travelling to far-away countries.

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