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Do you know what we mean when we talk about the nasolabial sulcus?

It is the groove that runs from the ala of the nose down to the labial commissures, sometimes even continuing down the chin to the bottom of the face. And if there is one thing that we are clear about in Clínica Áureo, it is that this is a defect that ages the face a lot and that makes us therefore appear older than we actually are.

Is there a solution?

Well, we have good news! The nasolabial sulcus is one of the defects of the face that best responds to treatment by facial aesthetic medicine. In most cases we can correct it in a single session for an extended period from a year to a year and a half.

Treatments to correct the nasolabial sulcus

The treatment differs according to the characteristics of the groove, the physiognomy of the person and, above all, the cause.

1) If we are dealing with a wrinkle that simply breaks the skin, that is to say, a line of a certain depth that follows the route that we have described, but in which there is no crease, we will probably treat it by injecting a hyaluronic acid which may be more or less reticulated depending on the depth of the wrinkle. What we are looking for in this case is to raise the groove produced by facial expressions. In this way, we manage to correct it and hide it but always without changing the anatomy of the face. In addition, the hyaluronic injected precisely in the area where the skin sinks when smiling will have a preventive function, acting as a kind of stop that hinders the fold and therefore delays the appearance or worsening of the groove.

2) If the cause of the nasolabial sulcus is a collapse of the tissues of the middle third of the face caused by sagging, what we are going to see is a fold rather than a wrinkle in that area, due to the fall of the cheek fat. In this case we cannot try filling the groove because that would add even more weight to the tissue that has gone down and worsen the defect that we are attempting to correct. In this sort of situation, we have to try to replace the volume in order to correct the softness as far as possible. Hyaluronic acid can also be used, but in Clínica Áureo we also have other types of fillers that will also help with regenerating the collagen in our skin, which will counteract softness. There are also other medical devices apart from fillers such as tensioning threads, radiofrequency or ultrasound. These can be used in these cases because, as we have said, we will attack the problem that causes the groove, not the groove itself.


Prevent nasolabial sulcus

As soon as the facial skin loses its smoothness and elasticity, the first symptoms of sagging appear, with these grooves beginning to show up. This can be avoided or delayed by means of facial medical treatments such as tensioning threads, radiofrequency or ultrasound that we will use to recover the collagen and elastin that rejuvenate the skin on our face.

Cheer up, that wrinkle that ages you so much can be easily solved! Start by consulting with a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine in Mallorca so that you can diagnose what your problem is and how to treat it.

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