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There comes a time when we look in the mirror and our face shows deceptive wrinkles that make us seem older than we are and certainly older than we feel! This can be upsetting but here at the Áureo Clinic we have the solution.

What are marionette lines?

This term refers to the wrinkles that appear on the chin between the sides of the mouth and the base of the chin and occasionally continue further down beyond the edge of the face. They are ugly and make one appear much older than one might wish. But is there any good news? Yes! The solution is simple: Áureo Clinic offers an easy treatment which regularly produces excellent results.

How do we correct marionette lines?

If the marionnete line is a wrinkle in which we can see the crease where the skin has broken leaving a sunken line, we treat it by repairing it. This commonly involves a treatment undertaken with hydrochloric acid which raises the wrinkle and evens out the skin. If this is the case, not only do we improve the quality of the skin but we are also able to impede further wrinkling as the hydrochloric acid works to block the tissue from lowering and breaking the skin a second time, preventing future wrinkles from forming and widening when the patient smiles. Moreover, hydrochloric acid has fantastic properties for the skin and is able to integrate into the facial tissue, becoming a natural part of the dermis.

Other treatments to correct or conceal marionette lines.

On the other hand, if instead of a wrinkle the problem is a crease caused by movement of the tissue as a result of excess skin at the corners of the mouth, it must be treated in a different way. In this case, the creases are the sympton rather than the problem. The problem is the flaccidity of the tissue and this must be corrected. Therefore, the best option is a regenerative collagen treatment in the middle third of the face in order to improve the position of the skin which has sagged to the lower part of the face. This is achieved using regenerative collagen fillers, thread lifts or facial radiofrequency.

Who will assist you:

Dra. Cristina Núñez

Director / Aesthetic Medicine

Dra. Elisa Urbina

Aesthetic doctor

Dra. Ana Llull