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Today we live in a society increasingly concerned about the cosmetic appearance, imposing on many occasions this aspect on the purely professional. Facial expression is the most important thing in cosmetic appearance now that any defects can cause insecurity or complex in the person who owns it.

The advances in dentistry in recent years in the field of porcelain adhesion to the dental tissue, as well as the increase in cosmetic demands by both patients and professionals themselves, encouraged the emergence of new materials that improve their physical qualities and allow us today finding new cosmetic solutions that were unthinkable a few years ago.

One of these solutions, recommended by Clínica Áureo, is known under the name of "veneers", "dental veneers", "cosmetic veneers" or "facets of porcelain", and you can make them many times without compromising the dental tissue remaining of the patient.

It can be defined as a relatively thin sheet of porcelain that adheres to the front surface of the tooth. Today is considered one of the reconstruction techniques with the most favorable results, both its duration and its cosmetic appearance.

Dietary and parafunctional habits as a result of current lifestyles have led to increased tooth wear non-cariogenic origin (caries) such as erosion, attrition, abrasion and dental clenching, known as bruxism.

All these factors lead to a loss of tooth structure, sometimes so severely that will lead to problems not only biological (sensitivity, pulpal involvement,…), but functional and cosmetic.

Smile planning and design

By taking photographs and intraoral scans, we will create a smile design based on your facial features and your preferences: shape, texture, materials, thickness and other variables that will allow us to personalise your ideal smile to the maximum.

Once the study has been carried out, you will have the opportunity (optional) to try the Biofunctional MockUp with which you will be able to preview, in your own mouth, the final result of the chosen design before starting the treatment and without manipulating your teeth.

• Personalise the designs. Personalised design.

• Highly functional and aesthetic smiles.

• You will be able to try, in your own mouth, an exact replica of your final veneers before starting treatment.

• Minimally invasive and accurate preparations thanks to digital planning.


Porcelain veneers can be used to modify and improve the alignment, color and shape of the teeth.

They also allow a conservative cosmetic dental rehabilitation of worn, broken or malformed anatomically anterior teeth.

Advantages of porcelain veneers:

• Minimum tooth aggression, unlike a crown or cap.

• Very high cosmetic results, due to the absence of metal, allows a natural color and texture identical to tooth.

• Elevated resistance to masticatory forces and wear.

• Biocompatibility.

• Resistance to stains or spots by not having microporosity.

• Resistance to chemical attack, acid, citrus and medicines.

Treatment times to restore dental cosmetics by porcelain veneers are lower than those of crowns or caps, being a few weeks the standard time, to make the minimum tooth preparation, wax, previous diagnoses, aesthetic tests (mock-ups) and understanding the expectations and wishes of the patient with respect to color, shape and anatomy of future veneers.

Porcelain veneers are able to reproduce the structure and cosmetics of natural teeth perfectly, with minimal tooth aggression, returning the patient the possibility of rebuilding a cosmetic and functional smile.

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