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A BLEPHAROPLASTY is a surgical procedurethat acts to eliminate excess skin, muscle or fat that may accumulate in the lower and upper areas around the eyes. By means of this type of surgery, bags, droopy eyelids, or dark circles that give the facial area a tired and worn-out look may be corrected.

The procedure is normally intended for mature adults, although those under 35 may also elect to be operated on either for genetic reasons, or after developing excessive flaccidity in the eye area, making the patient look much older than they are.

The procedure consists in removing excess skin in the lower and/or upper eyelids. The surgery is analyzed and discussed with each patient beforehand in a thorough manner, so that any limitations or important information for each particular case are fully taken into account.

The procedure is straightforward, and normally is performed as an outpatient intervention, requiring localized anesthesia and sedatives to ensure the patient's ease of mind during the procedure. It can last between one and three hours.

By design, scarsare made to coincide with the natural fold of the eyelids, so that after time they are imperceptible to the naked eye. In the case of the lower eyelids, the goal is for the scar to be locatedjust below the lower eyelashes, preventing it from being visible.

The procedure does not normally present any complications, although some bruising may appear. The patient may return to daily routine in less than a week.

It is possible to develop a feeling of tightness and swelling due to inflammation.After the procedure, eye drops and ointments must be used to aid in healing, and this may cause blurred vision.Following surgery, it is recommended that patients sleep with their head elevated to avoid any build-up of liquids, and to ensure the swelling does not lastlonger. Lymphatic drainage massages, performed by qualified professionals, are recommended.

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