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Lichen planus is a common chronic skin disease, affecting people 30-60 years old. It involves a breakout in the form of firm polygonal papules of pink-violet color, with a smooth, shiny surface and a significant pruritus. Regions affected are usually the back of the wrists, the lumbar region and the ankles. The dermatologist, thanks to dermoscopy, can identify the characteristic signs of this entity in order to reach a diagnosis. 

It is important to explain to the patient the possible associated Koebner phenomenon, since situations in which the skin is subjected to damage, trauma, laser, etc. can reproduce the injury. In addition, these patients may sometimes have oral and/or genital lesions, which should be constantly examined. 

Sometimes it is important to carry out the study with a serology blood test due to its association with a hepatotropic virus. 

This symptom may be produced by taking pharmaceuticals, such that this possibility should be considered. Treatment is topical or systemic, depending on the severity of the case.

Who will assist you:

Dra. Ana Llull