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Generally, the classification of benign skin tumors can be summarized as: epidermal tumors, cysts, adnexal tumors, tumors of the dermis, and hypodermis. The most common in dermatological consultation are:

1. ŸSeborrheic Keratosis

This is the most common benign epidermal tumor. It usually occurs in people over 30, and involves yellowish brownish papules, with a warty surface. There are chemical and physical methods for its destruction.

2. ŸEpidermal Cysts

These comprise nodules of a cystic and mobile consistency which may appear in any skin location. There are sometimes episodes of inflammation, interfering with internal cleansing. Treatment involves oral and topical antibiotics, and in the most aggravating cases, surgery for total elimination.

3. ŸDermatofibroma

This is the second most frequent skin tumor, after acrochordons, or soft fibroids. It consists of nodular, hyperpigmented, and rounded lesions, mostly in women settling in the legs but it may settle in any location of the skin's surface. Its removal is surgical.

4. ŸAcrochordons or Soft Fibroids

The most important thing with this pathology is to clarify that it doesn't involve warts, and therefore should not be treated as such. It involves skin-colored brown or pedunculated papules, which appear in creases (the neck, armpits, crotch, and inner thighs) due to constant rubbing of the skin. Treatment by physical removal is the most effective.

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