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Dra. Cristina Núñez

Director / Aesthetic Medicine

Dra. Elisa Urbina

Aesthetic doctor

Dra. Ana Llull


This consists in electromagnetic waves with different mechanisms of action:

  • -Realignment and contraction of collagen fibers
  • -Vibrations of (water, protein, etc.) molecules, which disrupt cellular metabolic processes and provoke a -Biological response
  • -Heat, which promotes formation of new collagen, resulting in long-term reinforcement

In short, radiofrequency naturally stimulates the production of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Improved circulation to the skin and subcutaneous tissue can also be seen, with increased blood flow and, thereby, oxygenation of the skin. Furthermore, the application of heat produces a sedative, relaxing, and analgesic effect.

Radiofrequency also reportedly has an effect on the sebaceous gland, inhibiting the production of sebum, and is thus beneficial in treating acne.

The main indications for radiofrequency are facial; it can be used on the face, neck, neckline, hands, etc. Its use is recommended for:

  • -Sagging skin
  • -Lax eyelids
  • -Improvement of the skin's texture and thickness
  • -Refinement of coarse skin and enlarged pores
  • -Acne and acne scars

Radiofrequency can also be administered together with other treatments, with constant regard for safety regulations, to improve the results and even enhance those of the radio frequency itself.

It produces a flash effect in areas treated, which wears off 24-72 hours after the session. Generation of new collagen will take place 3-12 weeks after the session, and the results may continue improving up to a year later.

The duration of the results is contingent upon many variables, including the patient's lifestyle, skin quality, age, sun exposure, smoking or dietary habits, and others.

The immediate effect involves a contraction of collagen fibers, which causes an increase and retraction of skin tissue. The effect's progressive nature is due to the heating, which triggers an increase in new collagen and a consequent remodeling and continual stretching of skin. The repair of sagging skin is due to stimulating production of types I and IV collagen in the dermis and fibrous septa, as well as stimulating circulation to the cutaneous layer and drainage of lymphatic fat, decreasing the appearance of orange peel skin and bodily size.

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