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Currently, there are various types of orthodontics with which we can straighten and align our teeth and multiple factors that can influence our choice (age, comfort, aesthetic needs, price, etc.).

Clínica Áureo’s professional experience leads us to recommend aesthetic orthodontics to our patients, whether with the Incognito lingual orthodontic method or Invisaling removable orthodontics. However, we like our patients to know about the different options available, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each system.


Braces are devices that are cemented to each tooth and with the wire, they exert the necessary force to move the teeth and position them properly. There are various available:

1. Metal braces. Classics. Their biggest advantages are how resistant they are and that they are good value for money. And among the negative aspects are the fact that they are more visible compared to other braces and less comfortable, as they can cause blisters. This device has been commonly used in young patients, although they are already starting to opt for more aesthetic options.

2. Aesthetic braces. They are made of a transparent material, which makes them a much more aesthetic option. At Clínica Áureo we opt for ceramic braces because, unlike other materials, they don’t stain. We have to bear in mind that they are slightly more expensive than metal ones and that, as do metal braces, they can also cause small blisters during the first days.

3. Lingual braces. This system is placed on the lingual side of the teeth and can’t be seen from the outside, so the teeth look natural and their effects can be seen from the beginning. These braces are tailored for each patient by fully adapting to the anatomy of each tooth, so they are more comfortable. In addition, patients can see the results before starting the treatment thanks to the 3D system with which we work. However, there has to be a period of adaptation, since the system is placed on the inside of the tooth and during the first days, it can make speaking difficult and produce tongue blisters. Although they are more difficult to clean, patients are always advised and instructed with the proper techniques to do so effectively. They are slightly more expensive, since the braces are tailored to each patient and they are highly aesthetic.


This system consists of removable plastic retainers that, together with composite relief that are placed on the teeth (attachments), are capable of exerting the forces which move the teeth to the desired positions.

The retainers are practically invisible and, as they completely adapt to the shape of the teeth, they are also very comfortable. They are custom retainers that are made to fit each patient. In addition, as they are removable, they are more hygienic than other systems since patients can clean their teeth easily. On the other hand, we can show patients the final result thanks to the technology we use, a software called clincheck.

The disadvantages we find are that, as they are removable, patients have to be cooperative, and they have to be taken off to eat. However, patients will have to wear the retainers a minimum of 22-23 hours a day. On the other hand, this treatment is a bit more expensive than traditional braces as it is personalised and highly aesthetic.

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