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Gum disease in Palma

Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, is a problem affecting almost 50% of the adult population. The most frequent are gingivitis and periodontitis, and can even reach a phase of severe periodontitis. It begins with recession of the gums (long teeth) and, if untreated, ends in bone loss, leaving teeth without support, risking their loosening and fall out.

Causes of periodontitis

The main causes of these diseases are poor oral hygiene, unhealthy habits (smoking), genetic factors, hormonal changes and / or other related diseases. At Clínica Áureo we recommend that you go to your dentist as soon as you identify any of the following symptoms. 

Signs that will help you identify this pathology:

a. Gum bleeding, either spontaneously or during brushing.

b. Increased dental sensitivity to cold and heat.

c. Dental mobility, even with displacement that can create gaps between teeth.

d. Halitosis or bad breath, for more advanced cases.

e. Appearance of ulcers or phlegmons.


Periodontal treatment

Much of the success of periodontal treatment is owed to awareness and indispensable collaboration on behalf of the patient, without which the dentist's treatment, although essential, does not bring about the results desired.

Main periodontal treatments:

  • a. Pprofessional tooth cleaning or prophylaxis (Hygienes)
  • b. Curettage, or root planing
  • c. Resective surgery
  • d. Regenerative and graft surgeries
Who will assist you:

Dra. Estefanía Durán

Odontology-Dental Aesthetics