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This is the dental practice of the future.

The most beautiful part of our practice: preventing disease. With growing social awareness of the importance of dental health, preventative work will certainly be on the rise.

It is our constant struggle to educate patients of the need for consultation before they show symptoms of oral disease.

In this section, we can include:

a) Prevention of caries through daily hygiene, adequate nutrition, and techniques of early diagnosis and prevention in the clinic: removing plaque, applying fluorine in children, teaching brushing technique, prescribing oral prophylactics, employing techniques for early detection of caries, obturation of sites of initial caries, etc.

b) Prevention of periodontal disease, that is, of the area which surrounds and supporting the teeth, removal of supragingival tartar, detection and removal of periapical tooth abscesses, elimination of stains and subgingival calculus, etc.

c) Early treatment of malocclusion with occlusal study for children at initial and final teething stages, regular monitoring of tooth development and application of interceptive and preventive orthodontics

d) Maintenance of oral health with periodic visits to the dentist.

Who will assist you:

Dra. Estefanía Durán

Odontology-Dental Aesthetics