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Ultrasonic Peeling

If our skin naturally restores itself on a daily basis, why don't we always have a perfect skin?

That's precisely the reason - since our skin renews daily, the dead skin accumulates in the hollows of our skin (wrinkles and pores) which, along with sweating and environmental pollution, cause black or white spots that affect its natural and healthy appearance and reduce its shine and brightness, preventing both men and women from displaying a perfect skin.

The solution to this problem is having an exfoliation, which can be done with cosmetic or natural products, although we should note that these treatments don't always clean the skin completely and in depth. That is when the use of ultrasonic peeling becomes essential, and it must always be performed by a qualified professional and under the supervision of a cosmetic doctor who has previously examined the skin.

What does an ultrasonic peeling consist of?

Peelings consist of removing the top layers of the skin to regenerate it completely and achieve a new, clean and soft skin.

Lotions and abrasive substances were generally used to remove these layers, but nowadays, thanks to the development of state-of-the-art peeling or ultrasonic peeling, the treatment is easier, more efficient, and above all, much less aggressive to the skin.

The treatment is performed with specific cosmetic medicine equipment that sends ultrasound waves and vibrations of adjustable intensity towards the dermis through a surgical steel spatula. One of its sides progressively removes the skin imperfections, and once finished, the other side massages the treated area using lotion or a refreshing mask.

It is not painful, at most it might be slightly uncomfortable.

It does not cause swelling or reddening.

The treatment lasts approximately an hour, or an hour and a half, depending on the area and each patient's skin condition.

It can be applied anywhere on the body, although the most demanded areas are facial and back peeling. It is specially recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Ultrasonic peeling is a highly recommended treatment within the field of cosmetic medicine, since it is the least harmful for the skin and its risks are minimal when performed by an expert.

Once the treatment has been performed, during one or two weeks (depending on the doctor's indications), it should not be exposed to the sun and moisturizing lotion should be applied on the area.

Which type of conditions and imperfections can ultrasonic peeling be applied to?

  • • Slight wrinkles
  • • Soft expression lines.
  • • Acne scars.
  • • Open and dirty pores.
  • • Black and white spots.
  • • Acne.
  • • Liver spots.
  • • Dehydration.
  • • Photoaging.

When will the results show?

Normally results start to show after the peeling is over. The skin will be restored, rejuvenated, and free of imperfections and dead skin cells.

Thanks to this type of peeling, besides improving the circulation in the treated area, collagen and elastin cell regeneration is stimulated, recovering the skin's elasticity and hydration and helping prevent skin aging, which produces a soft and healthy skin.

Who should not undergo this type of treatment?

This treatment is not suitable for:

  1. • Pregnant women.
  2. • People affected by skin infections.
  3. • People with recent wounds.


Ultrasonic peeling is indeed very efficient and scarcely aggressive, however, as professionals in cosmetic medicine we want to bring attention to the importance of making sure that whomever will perform it is a qualified professional and that the equipment is in perfect condition before the treatment. Leaving your body in the hands of inexperienced people is imprudent as well as risky.

If you think you could benefit from this treatment, do not hesitate to call us to book a consultation or an appointment.

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