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Each body is unique, and so not everyone responds the same way to diets or physical exercise. The difference lies in our individual genetic makeup, which conditions our response to different environmental factors. Nutrigenomics studies the genetic variations which govern our body's response to the nutrients we ingest. Knowing our genetic variants and metabolic activity for each nutrient group allows us to tailor our diet, to, for example, prevent diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, and triglycerides.

NutriChip® allows us to understand the causes which contribute to the development of excess weight and obesity, in order to reach an ideal weight in a healthy stable way. It is a preventive and personalized medical service for nutritional counseling adapted to our genetic profile.

It provides the relevant genetic information to prevent excess weight and obesity, and a report with recommendations for determining the most appropriate preventive or therapeutic or measures.

NutriChip® analyzes:

the genetic makeup which causes susceptibility to excess weight, abdominal obesity (a cardiovascular risk) appetite regulation, and other associated diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, or low HDL levels

  • Ÿall genes linked to our response to physical exercise and low-calorie diets
  • Ÿgenetic variations associated with specific nutritional needs
  • Ÿlifestyle permitting modification of susceptibility to excess weight and obesity
Who will assist you:

Dra. Cristina Núñez

Director / Aesthetic Medicine

Dra. Elisa Urbina

Aesthetic doctor